Marimekko Mix & Match Bedding

Ever step into a professionally decorated bedroom and try and put your finger on why it looks so darn good? More often than not, it’s the expertly mixed and matched patterns that look so effortlessly done. Pairing patterns is something that every great interior designer should have down to a fine art — it’s often times what makes a room, even if you don’t realize it. Balance is key when mixing and matching; if you have too many patterns clashing in a room, it can spark feelings of chaos and anxiety. Too few, and you could have a matchy-matchy, cookie-cutter room that won’t spark any creativity or interest. It can be hard to get this balance right on your own.

Luckily, some bedding brands such as Marimekko do most of the work for you. Instead of selling the patterns as one set, Marimekko showcases the pieces together like in the image above. This gives you as the decorator the flexibility to mix and match at your own will, but still be inspired by these staged suggestions. We love the look of this floral and stripe combination; though both prints are bold, the stripes here act as a neutral. In addition, the contrasting black and white lines really make the eyes of those poppies, well, pop. Let’s look at some other eclectic yet cohesive combinations by the famous Finnish design brand.

From top to bottom, left to right:

1. Marimekko Ajo Black Stripe Percale Bedding & Marimekko Unikko Blue Percale Bedding

2. Marimekko Ajo Pink Stripe Percale Bedding & Marimekko Lokki Pink Percale Bedding

3. Marimekko Ajo Blue Stripe Percale Bedding & Marimekko Kranssi Grey Percale Bedding

4. Marimekko Ajo Green Stripe Percale Bedding & Marimekko Hennika Green Percale Bedding

5. Marimekko Muru Taupe Percale Bedding & Marimekko Mehiläispesä Taupe Percale Bedding

Which combination is your favorite? Let us know if you like the look of mix and matched bedding below!


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