Marimekko Mods the Sims

The Sims is a virtual reality video game that gained astronomical popularity in the 90s, and has only continued to expand its fandom late into the new millennium. A place where users are able to create tiny virtual versions of themselves and friends/families/celebrities, homes can also be customized with a set number of options. Of course, super fans and computer whizzes have figured out how to modify certain aspects of the game. And it turns out, that many of these Sims fans are even bigger Marimekko fans – taking their real life passion for bold textiles and prints and incorporating them into their virtual lives, as well.

Here at AlwaysMod, we’ve selected a few of our favorite Marimekko hacks to show and share with you.

Unikko skirts for your fashion-forward Sim

A cozy virtual Marimekko couch

Another couch!

An Unikko bedroom worthy of a Marimekko superfan

The ultimate in Unikko accessories

To achieve these looks and more in your real home, check out our great selection of fabrics, bedding, throw pillows, fashion accessories and more.

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