Marimekko Motivators to Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning


For me, it’s always difficult getting started on a project; unless of course, it involves getting to use something new and exciting. When I was in school, a set of colorful notebooks with fresh pages or a brand new backpack was enough to get me pumped up about the first few days back in the hallways. A stylish comforter makes me more apt to make the bed first thing in the morning, and a nice dinnerware set begs to have a home-cooked meal around the table instead of the quick and easy option of takeout on the couch. So, with spring making it’s way on the calendar (and hopefully making itself known in the weather,) I’ve compiled a group of goodies that will prevent procrastination on your spring cleaning this year. If nothing else, they make cute additions to your home décor.


1-4. Marimekko iittala Maribowls, assorted colors – $40. Though many use these as dessert dishes, the ornate bowls make the perfect catch-all for keys, coins and other odds and ends.

5-7. Marimekko Eyeglass Cases, assorted patterns – $20-24. These cute little bags are for more than just your specs. Don’t miss your purse when you’re cleaning this season- when I dump mine out, I’m appalled by all the random things I have been collecting. One or two of these is perfect for keeping loose change, pens, receipts, mints, small electronics and more in one easy spot.

8. Marimekko Kaiku Small Tray – $35. Trays aren’t just for serving, especially when they are this beautiful. I use one on my coffee table to contain my candles, coasters and remotes and maintain a sense of order. Trays are also great additions to vanities or bathroom countertops to keep cosmetics, lotions and other essentials neat and orderly.

9. Marimekko Geranium White/Grey Large Tin – $21. Use it for remotes in the living room, spices in the kitchen or toiletries in the bathroom; wherever this versatile tin ends up, you’ll love the stylish storage it provides.

10. Marimekko Unikko Red Small Tin – $17. Maija Isola’s poppies are a great way to conceal unattractive clutter. From snacks in the kitchen to knick knacks at your office desk, any space can benefit from this handy little cube.

11-12. Marimekko Unikko Large Container, red and black – $78. Socks, slippers, stuffed animals; the possibilities are endless with these tall, Unikko-adorned containers. The crinkly, paper-like material also allows them to be cuffed to your desired size.

13-14. Marimekko Unikko Small Container, red and black – $59. Perfect for smaller toys, gloves or craft supplies, these smaller yet still substantially-sized buckets will come in handy all over the home.

15-16. Marimekko Large Kanto Container, red and black – $158. Made from a sturdy cotton canvas, these cylinders are perfect for stowing away towels in the bathroom or blankets in the den. When not in use, it folds flat to save space. Low profile handles make them easy to transport, so they can also be used as hampers!

17. Marimekko Small Red Kanto Container – $108. Made from the same heavyweight cotton as it’s bigger sister, the smaller Kanto is suitable for socks, scarves, mittens and much more. Get creative! When not in use, it also folds flat to make more room.

18. Marimekko Onnea Etsimässä White/Black Bread Basket – List: $38.50 Sale: $30.75. The uses of this stylish storage bin far surpass it’s name. If you’re not in need of a bread basket, use this urban-themed container for remotes in the living room, toys in the playroom, or anywhere else you need an attractive way to de-clutter.

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