Marimekko Mouse Pad Makeover

I was pretty sick of looking at my old, dirty mouse pad. It had seen some seriously better days, but it still worked perfectly fine. It just needed a little TLC. (Okay, I know. It was pretty gross.) Taking a leftover scrap piece of our Marimekko Kumina Blue PVC Fabric, I was able to give it a makeover in just a few minutes, and it’s easy enough for anyone to do.

First, find a fabric you like. PVC is ideal for mouse pads because the smooth surface is easy to roll your mouse over. Pick the section of the fabric you like best, especially if it’s a larger scale pattern like the one I used. Flip the fabric over and place the mouse pad on top of that area, tracing the outline.

Next, cut the fabric, but leave ½” to 1″ of extra margin around your markings so you have enough to fold over and secure the fabric tightly. No one will see it, so it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight.

Next, you can either glue or tape the edges down, pulling as tight as possible so you don’t get any wrinkles.


I tried using scrapbooker’s glue, the only kind I had on hand, which wasn’t holding well. Super glue, hot glue or fabric glue would work better. I actually ended up using double-sided hem and cuff tape which worked perfectly. I then ironed it on to further seal the edges.

Flip it around and voilà! You have a clean, chic surface on which to surf the web.


Not feeling crafty or don’t have the supplies you need? Here is a cute Marimekko Unikko Mouse Pad already made.

Have any easy around-the-home or office project that you’ve done recently? Let us know about it below!

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