Marimekko Paper Napkins; Beautiful, Affordable & Biodegradable

We’ve all used paper napkins at some point. They’re relatively inexpensive and allow you to try new patterns for different events, making them perfect for parties. Paper napkins are also conveniently disposable, though with the increased awareness about environmental impact this has become more of a drawback than a benefit. Marimekko, known for their bold and colorful prints, has teamed up with Ideal Home Range to come up with a solution. The partnership has created a line of high quality napkins that are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper napkins. Vibrant colors and crisp lines are printed with non-toxic, water-soluble ink on recycled tissue, making the disposable dining linens 100% biodegradable. This means a guilt-free way to indulge in your favorite designer patterns for a party or just a casual dinner at home. Check out the photos below of some of the new designs; its amazing how much these napkins dress up a place setting. kippis-710 Marimekko Kippis (Cheers) features all our favorite things to clink with and comes in both cocktail and lunch sizes. Marimekko Onnea Etsimässä (Looking for Happiness) is a bold black and white print illustrating the urban landscape, and is available in a lunch size. Here they are tucked in the Marimekko Socks Rolled Down Glassware, a clever way to display these stylish squares. cocktail-710 Jenni Tuominen’s new pattern Cocktail is a colorful depiction of party delicacies and drinks, coincidentally available in the cocktail size as well as larger lunch size. It really compliments the bold curves of Maija Isola’s vintage Kaivo (Well) pattern, also available in both cocktail and lunch styles. Both beautifully mix and match with the Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha Salad Plate. 


Ursula is a beautiful pattern for spring, with watercolor-like blossoms in vibrant hues. Here, it is featured on a buffet style napkin, a new size for Marimekko. It is perfect for dining, but can also be used in the bathroom as disposable guest towels during parties as well. This lively pattern is also available in cocktail and lunch sizes, and is a match made in heaven with the Aino-Maija Metsola’s Juhannustaika tablecloth.



Speaking of Juhannustaika (Midsummer Magic), the juicy print is also available in cocktail and lunch napkins.


Of course, you can never go wrong with the iconic poppies of Maija Isola’s Unikko, available buffet style in the classic red/white colorway and the perfect pair to the Unikko-adorned Oiva dinnerware. The Mini Unikko Yellow/Orange/Pink print shown on the tablecloth is also available in a lunch napkin.

These are just some of the stunning new patterns available. See all of them at AlwaysMod.

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