Marimekko Products

Marimekko’s ready-to-wear collections offer high-quality, functional clothing for different age groups and occasions, including business, leisure and evening wear. In addition to new seasonal products, the clothing line includes classics and other basic products that are always available.

Marimekko develops its clothing collections in tune with the spirit of the day. To bolster its brand and seek new target groups, the company maintains a diverse design portfolio and renews it designs regularly. The clothing collections distinctly showcase each designer’s personal ability to first draw on ideas from different eras and cultures and then intriguingly adapt them to our own time

Interior Decoration
Cotton and linen fabrics that are printed at Marimekko’s own textile printing factory are the main interior decoration products. In addition, the collections include a variety of ready-made goods such as kitchen and tabletop products, bed linen and bathroom textiles. The interior decoration line comprises both classic products and new seasonal collections.

Marimekko’s rich world of textile patterns, overhauled printing production and profound design expertise provide the interior decoration line with excellent avenues for developing new products for both its own collections and licensed manufacture. When developing new collections, Marimekko fashions its own interior decoration style, which can be called the Marimekko trend. The company always seeks a unifying element for its collections – something that identifies them with the Marimekko brand. The themes for the prints are drawn from life and the world: nature, events and people. The designers’ creative expertise is manifested in their ability to discover ideas and transform them into products in a bold and distinctive manner.

Marimekko’s bag collection comprises classics and seasonal models that co-ordinate with Marimekko’s clothing and interior decoration collections. The bag line also includes colourful umbrellas featuring Marimekko prints.