Marimekko Repeats – Divide and Conquer

Lately Marimekko has blessed us with some amazing new printed fabrics, many of which also have amazingly long repeats; Marimekko Taapeli, Marimekko Sadonkorjuu, and Marimekko Siniverinen to name a few.

Selling by the repeat may mean a higher price tag, but you are also getting more fabric with the entire pattern so nothing crucial is cut off. We inspect and hand measure every new bolt that comes in to determine what the ideal cut is for the particular design.

Knowing what to do with such large, powerful prints can sometimes be confusing. One way we do it here is by breaking it up. You can break up the fabric in many ways, such as by making smaller, individual pillows or seat covers. If you are leaning towards displaying the fabric as wall art, however, you don’t need to hang the fabric as one continuous piece. Here are some examples of how to incorporate a wall hanging with these types of patterns that makes a statement but is not overwhelming. If you’re looking for step by step instructions of how to create such a canvas, feel free to refer to this previous post for some pointers. 

Marimekko Musta Virta, split up and displayed in a row

Marimekko Juhannustaika, split and displayed with one horizontal, one vertical on separate shelves

Marimekko Kaiku, split into four equal parts and displayed as a puzzle-like portrait

Do you like the look of split canvas art, or do you prefer a single display? Let us know your opinion below!

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