Marimekko Socks = Happy Feet

mm-sock-collageThere’s nothing more boring than a pair of plain white socks. Well, I’m sure there are other things, but plain white socks are pretty blah. That’s why I am obsessed with the new Marimekko socks. They’re colorful and fun; a nice little unexpected surprise. It’s like having a party in your shoes. Just because it’s spring (here in the northern hemisphere) doesn’t mean everyone will ditch their closed-toe shoes. For those days you must wear socks, I suggest throwing on a pair of Marimekko socks. Your feet will appreciate the change from the usual white or black socks!

1. Unikko Mint/Pink/Orange Socks | 2. Striped Orange/Melange Grey Socks | 3. Striped Kelly Green/Light Green Socks | 4. Striped Blue/Gold Socks




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