Marimekko Tea Towel Art

Marimekko Tea Towels

Marimekko Tea Towels

I came across this clever use of Marimekko Kanteleen Tea Towels on Flickr. The same process as making wall hangings with cotton fabric is used (see how to make wall hangings here), but you might want to use a frame with a canvas since the tea towel fabric is a little lighter. What do you think?

Image via: misspfui

4 Comments on "Marimekko Tea Towel Art"

  1. What a nice idea! It looks cheerful, light, and I like how the pattern continues across the thick edge of the canvas.
    It’s actually nice to have no glass between the cloth and the eye. It might be a nice final touch to embroider some detail to enhance a certain aspect of the pattern…

  2. Love the idea!
    I`ve made a similar one with a 1970s no-name dishtowel with lions on it. My son`s name is Leo, so it`s his wall art

  3. This is such a cute idea! That wall looks GREAT!

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