Marimekko PROTO- creating something from nothing

There’s always something exciting being imagined and created at Marimekko headquarters, and this unique project is no different.

Marimekko head of Fashion Design, Noora Niinikoski describes the PROTO project:
“PROTO was born when Marimekko wanted to give young designers a chance to create something exciting for Marimekko. Noora Niinikoski, the Head of Fashion Design of Marimekko, also wanted to see what kind of unique design could be created from the company’s leftover fabrics. The young talents, Riikka Buri, Yonna Moriya, Elina Määttänen and Emmakaisa Soisalo, were free to design their own collections which turned out to be very different from each other. The collections captivate and amaze with their playfulness, inspirations picked from different periods and brave combinations of different materials. The collections reflect the love for stripes and chocolate licorice and peach candy, the balance between psychedelia and harmony, the 70s classic Great Gatsby movie and 90s rap music and lines and silhouettes drawn with a black marker.

“The reason why we started this project was to open-mindedly try what we could create from the leftover fabrics of Marimekko. I chose four young designers and gave them an open brief. The designers led their projects very independently from choosing the fabrics to scetching and making patterns. They also worked very closely with Marimekko’s sewing professionals who in the end made the products. We also made a very nice video about the project. The models and the set were styled by the designers themselves. Most of all, PROTO challenged our young talents to design their own Marimekko. Boldly, out of the box,” says Noora Niinikoski, Head of Fashion Design of Marimekko.”

PROTO video directed by Miikka Lommi.

What is so exciting about this project is that all of these clothes were made from remnants- just a bunch of leftover fabric. Think of all the exciting things you could be creating with the fabric you have left over from previous projects and creations. The possibilities seem (seam?) endless. When I think of the scraps of fabric that I have collected in my remnant basket, I usually don’t think of much, but after seeing all of the outfits that these up-and-coming designers were able to piece together—I’m inspired.

Are you? What kind of projects do you want to take on with your Marimekko “scraps”? Or have you already? If you’ve recently (or not so recently) purchased some Marimekko fabric from us here at AlwaysMod, what did you create with your remnants? Let me know and it just might wind up on the blog!

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