Meet the MENU brand: Now at AlwaysMod

logoIn collaboration with the most talented designers from around the world, MENU aims to make life a little less complicated and a lot more beautiful. The result is a style that Danish design brand calls “Soft Minimalism.” MENU turns everyday objects into clever solutions for modern living throughout the home. Establish in 1979, MENU has quickly become one of the best-known and most sought-after brands for those with an eye for the clean lines of Scandinavian design.

We here at AlwaysMod are ecstatic to be carrying a curated yet comprehensive selection of designs for almost every room in the home. Here are some of our staff favorites:MENU Wine Breathers

Wine Breather Carafe and Wine Breather Deluxe Carafe, the most effective aerators on the market. Serve from the mouth-blown beauties directly or flip to return the wine back in the original bottle.

MENU Mirros

MENU Pepe Marble / Brass Mirror in White and Black, inspired by the style of late 50’s Italy. They are designed to last a lifetime both in timeless style and solid construction.


Bollard Lamp in Ash and Black, which provides soft yet focused lighting on tabletop or suspended. Bollard’s cone-shaped body is made from silicone,which lends it a light weight, touchable flexibility and modern matte finish.


Copper GM 30 Pendant Light, modeled after sketches done by the late Gerthe Meyer in 1984. Gerthe Meyer was one of Denmark’s most distinguished designers, pioneering a then male-dominated field of architecture. MENU Knowledge in the Brain Bookends, modeled after designer Karim Rashid’s own head. Inside the cross-sections are faceted cavities in a contrasting gold color.

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