Magical Moments at the 2013 Marimekko Summer Fashion Show

Esplanadi Park was the place to be in Helsinki, Finland last Friday as Marimekko hosted its annual public summer fashion show. Here in the Twin Cities, we have been hit with gloomy, wet weather for weeks, so it is refreshing to see the joyful faces of men, women and children coming together to celebrate the things we love in life. The natural beauty of Marimekko’s signature bright colors and flowing fabrics is even more breathtaking in the summer sunlight of the outdoor venue; what a terrific twist on the typical stiff high-fashion shows we so often see.

We’ve composed a couple of our favorite shots from the show, but you can view the entire gallery here. The perfect poses from these stunning photos, taken by Mikael Rantalainen, are actually still shots from some pretty impressive dance moves. Like last year, the Finnish National Ballet modeled Marimekko’s latest designs with choreography that varied from hauntingly poetic to fun and seemingly spontaneous. To see the talented team in action, check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look.



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