Modern Bathroom Revamp

Start off every morning with a positive attitude by revamping your bathroom. Giving your bathroom décor a few dynamic tones makes the perfect facelift. Bringing tenacious color schemes to your bathroom adds charm, brightness, and freshness. That’s why we came up with four modern color schemes to revamp your bathroom.

coastal-colorCalm Coastal Colors have definitely been one of the biggest trends because the fresh cool colors bring a relaxing mood to the space. Decorating with cool blue hues encourages calmness which is nice for a bathroom because it can make your space look clean and crisp. Offset with a mint green for a refreshing surface. Mint is a timeless hue that works beautifully with a cool blue and white backsplash.


  1. Jonathan Alder Santorini Shower Curtain – A clean and white shower curtain with grey linings is a modern interpretation of classic Palm Beach cabana awnings, perfect for the coastal theme.
  2. iittala Dewdrop Clear Jar – Timeless and beautiful, the dewdrop bubbles blends wonderfully into any space, especially a cool blue tone.
  3. Danica Studio Aegean Bath Mat – A dreamy, light sky blue mat sets a relaxing mood and compliments the coastal theme.
  4. iittala Aare Kentauri Wall Jewel – Beautifully displayed on a wall as art or use for hanging towels, the stunning grey and orange knob adds a pop of color but is still composing.
  5. Marimekko Urna Clear Vase – Add white flower arrangements into a clear vase and its sure to create a refreshing room with coastal textures.
  6. Tina Frey “U” Candle Holder – Candles create the perfect relaxing environment not only for your guest but for yourself too, which it is why it fits nicely into the coastal theme.
  7. iittala Aalto Water Green Vase – The harmonious water green color brings a sense of flow with its refreshing energy of ease, purity, and freshness.
  8. Danica Studio Aegean White Bath Towel – White is never boring and can turn anything into modern. The calm coastal colors look flawlessly with a white texture.
  9. Danica Studio Aegean Turquoise Bath Towel – Adding a turquoise towel is a quintessential coastal that evokes the sea and sky and adds a refreshing touch to your space.
  10. Artek Aalto Stool – Stools make perfect tables. A stunning wooden stool with a dainty vase and greenery adds freshness to a crisp, cool bathroom.

classic-drama-copyClassic Dramatic Colors definitely makes bold statements. If you have a flair for dramatic then the black and red color scheme is for you. Black and red are both bold colors and will create a modern appearance. Using white as the main color and hues of red and charcoal black as accents will give your bathroom a lighter and brighter feel. And adding a touch of gray will neutralize the intensive pop of color. These four colors make a perfect classical combination that will bring you dramatic outlooks and good feelings.


  1. Opima Chevron Shower Curtain – A chevron pattern gives a crisp clean look while bringing character with its bold black lines.
  2. Marimekko Vuorilaakso Red Bath Towels – Placing a warm color towel is a great way to inject red into a space without making it too overpowering.
  3. Marimekko Tiiliskivi Bath Towels – A black towel offset by white lines brings sophistication and balances a dramatic space.
  4. Blomus Faro Tealight Holders – Tea light holders add the perfect lighting for a romantic tone while giving an elegant depth of neutral to subtle colors and making bold tones pop.
  5. Alessi Joy N. 11 Black round Bowl – Adding a black bowl in the bathroom makes the powerful statement and is the perfect centerpiece between two sinks.
  6. Marimekko Red Class Flower Vase – Undoubtedly a modern red vase livens the scenery of a black and white room.
  7. Menu Afteroom Black Coat Hanger – Rich black hues on a clean white surfaces adds glamour and drama.

warm-rustic-copyDynamic Duo Colors such as the royal blue and mustard yellow are two beautiful contrasting colors that provide a refreshing ambiance and a modern appearance. Blue brings freshness and cool vibrant tone, while yellow calms the excessive hues and adds warmth to the space.


  1. Marimekko Socks Rolled Down Olive Pitcher – Pitchers make great vases and this yellow tone vase brings the perfect touch of sunshine to a gloomy space.
  2. Design Ideas Mediterranean Mondrian Tray – A Mediterranean blue can make all the difference by adding a depth into a cool room.
  3. Danica Studio Aegean Pewter Grey Bath Mat – Adding a grey mat into a dynamic room subtle downs the blue undertones and adds richness that contrast beautifully with the warm yellow tones.
  4. Jonathan Alder Sea Salt Pop Candle – Filling your bathroom with blue candles makes a bold pop, but also brings outdoor freshness and improves your mood.
  5. iittala Dewdrop Lemon Footed Bowl – A timeless piece makes a perfect décor, the lemon colors looks rich and definitely makes a statement for a cheerful morning.
  6. iittala Dewdrop Rain Large Jar – Look beautiful in the morning because the color is lush and intimate and brings coziness to a room from all the bright yellows.
  7. Opima Home Chevron Yellow Shower Curtain – A timeless yellow curtain brings natural lighting and cheerfulness to a room especially in a dark blue room.

fnc-copyFresh Neutral Colors such as green and brown are found from the nature and sets a relaxing atmosphere. Brown is the color of earth while green is the color of fresh vibrant plants. Include this color scheme in your bathroom and you’ll wake up every morning feeling relaxed and comfortable.


  1. Marimekko Unikko Black Shower Curtain – Bringing a floral shower curtain into a bathroom really brings out nature’s beauty and the olive color scheme places a calming vibe.
  2. Marimekko Sulhasmies Bath Towel – A brown tone towel can make your bathroom appear richer and brighter.
  3. Chilewich Skinny Stripe Citron Shag Runner – Fresh green hues as in this floor mat opens up a space and makes your bathroom look more welcoming.
  4. iittala Ruutu Moss Green Vase – A touch of moss green brings a vintage vibe to any space. Add green arrangements such as moss to create a leafy vignette for a breath for fresh nature scent every morning.
  5. Design Ideas Sandbox Tray – A sandbox tray creates a relaxed room filled with comfort. The brown tone in this sandbox makes you feel safe and grounded with ease.
  6. iittala Aalto Plywood Bowl – Great for placing your hand towels or miscellaneous items, the light brown in this tray brings refinement to a neutral room.
  7. Saito Wood Teak Waste Bin – For easy emptying, but adds a deep-forest quality. Works well into a green room.
  8. iittala Dewdrop Desert Footed Bowl – Makes a great accent for holding your bathroom items while feeling natural with its earthy desert tone.

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