Modern Marimekko Kid’s Room

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Marimekko fabrics make excellent pieces of wall art. Whether used in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or den, the bright colors and vivid patterns of Marimekko textiles have an uncanny ability to brighten up even the plain  jane-iest of rooms. Below is a great example of how to incorporate Marimekko into a children’s room that can still be enjoyed by adults (not too mention fit right in with the rest of your home decor). It’s win-win!

This is a great living space that transitions seamlessly into baby's bedroom. Wait? What's that on the wall?

Could it be? A briiliant Marimekko print?

It's Marimekko Karkuteillä!

Bonus Marimekko with a great Unikko Fat Boy!

Loving the use of Marimekko Karkuteillä? Want  some for yourself? Look no further than this conveniently placed link. Available at AlwaysMod in two color combos!

[images via Apartment Therapy]

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  1. this is a good blog . with your picture posted here it is really nice to see those beautiful combination of colors which were used correctly. with this kind of room parents would be worry-free because their babies would not be hurt because of the materials used which is a good factor when setting up a room for kids and also the different pattern and designs were perfectly matched together.

  2. What a lovely kid’s room! What is the zig-zag rug in front of the Marimekko Karkuteillä? They look so good together, I’d like to have same combination.

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