moominworldThe Finnish version of America’s Disney World, Moominworld is a magical place for kids to interact with their favorite fictional characters. Located on the island of Kailo near Naantali, Finland, the theme park is based off of the popular Moomin book series by Tove Jansson, though now the animated family can be seen all over pop culture. Originally created in the 1940s, the Moomin characters are adored by the young and old alike for their dynamic personalities and imaginative surroundings.

The main attraction and most recognized landmark of Moominworld is the blue-hued Moomin House, where visitors can explore five stories of darling décor. Next door is Hemulen’s yellow cottage, and the Fire Station, Snufkin’s Camp and
Moominpappa’s boat are all popular sights to see as well.

Unlike many traditional amusement parks, there aren’t any rides at Moominworld. However, there are plenty of things to do. Activities include fantasy paths to the Witch’s Labyrinth, the Hattifatteners’ Cave and The Groke’s House. The Moomin cast often puts on performances in the Moomin Theater, and there are plenty of tasty treats to eat.

But what really bring the park to life are the costumed characters. Seeing the hippopotamus-like figures of the Moomin family, along with Little My’s bobbing bun and Sniff’s floppy ears in real life is a dream come true for many youngsters. The characters are very interactive with the guests, ensuring a personal and memorable experience that you will want to look back on for years to come, so be sure to bring a camera if you visit.

Moominworld opens its colorful doors to families in mid-June and is open until mid-August.

Via:, © Moomin Characters™; Theme park created by Dennis Livson