Must Haves in Your Makeup Bag


The colder weather can wreak havoc on our style; dull, dry skin, chapped lips and watering eyes are not the look most people are going for. But feeling and looking great in winter can be as simple as changing up your beauty routine by introducing a few new items into your makeup bag.

The essentials:

Moisturizer: Everyone should invest in a good moisturizer for winter. Apply it and allow it to set before you put on your make-up. BB creams are also dominating cosmetic shelves, which even skin tone like a foundation and have other skin benefits as well in one easy step. Look for one that has a sunscreen in it; skin is still susceptible to UV rays in the winter, especially with reflective snow on the ground.

Eye cream: Thin, delicate skin around the eyes is usually the first to flake. Fight back and keep eyes looking refreshed and rested with a good eye cream.

Chapstick: Who hasn’t accumulated a collection of chapsticks? Not all are created equal, however. Look for one with SPF, vitamin E and aloe to protect and soothe your pout.

Fun stuff:

The autumn/winter season often brings us some of the coolest makeup trends to try. A few favorites I’ve seen from the runway that are realistic for everyday wear:

Bold brows: Over-pluckers, stop what you’re doing and invest in a good pencil or powder. Follow your natural shape and shade so it doesn’t look forced. It’s amazing the difference a strong brow makes in framing the face!

Dark, stained lips: Wine and berry toned lips are hot this season, especially the matte look. Apply a stain or lipstick and blot to remove excess shine. If your lip is bold, keep your eye basic and neutral so you don’t look clown-like with competing features.

Glam eyes: Experiment with your eyeliners and shadows to compliment your eye shape and color. This season, we’re learning its okay to go outside the lines with eyeliner, and play with jewel tones and metallic shimmers.

Porcelain skin: For those with fair skin, stay away from harmful tanning booths, and don’t feel like you need to slab on a bunch of bronzer, either. Natural skin is in, and will make all the styles above really pop; just add a sweep of subtle blush if you fear looking washed out.

Minimalist: When in doubt, just go natural. Grunge looks are in this year, and the carefree style is defined by effortless makeup.

Where have I seen these looks before? Ah yes, the Marimekko Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Show. Courtesy of Marimekko, take a look at these behind-the-scenes shots at makeup before the show, or watch the finish product in action for more inspiration.

model-2 model-1 model-3

Now, for a place to store all your new goodies. Here’s a look at some of our favorite cosmetic bags to stay organized and save your counter space from looking like a war zone.


1. Marimekko Mini Unikko Blue Media Cosmetic Bag – $62

2. Marimekko Lumimarja Red-Orange Verso Cosmetic Bag – $69

3. Marimekko Saimaa Black/Multi Cosmetic Bag – $99

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