National Bird Day: Our Modern Inspired Birds

Happy National Bird Day!


Each year, January 5th celebrates the annual holiday of new beginnings for captive birds. January 5th was chosen to correspond with the end of the annual Christmas bird count. For three weeks to the end of the year, the U.S. focuses on native birds and wild populations. Once that period end, we reflect upon the conditions of birds that are held captive and concentrate on the new beginnings for those birds. Today, millions of enthusiasts celebrate this day through birdwatching, studying birds, and playing bird drinking games including “bird date” and other bird-related games. To learn more, visit: National Bird Day.

Exquisite and inspiring, birds definitely bring beauty to the world as it will to your home. So, in honor of National Bird Day, we selected some of our favorite bird products to freshen up your home and celebrate new beginnings:


1.Alessi Michael Graves Bird Tea Kettle – $190 | 2.Alessi Michael Graves Tea Infuser – $40 | 3. Alessi Yellow Duck Kitchen Timer – $65 | 4.Cose Nuove Owls Swedish Dishcloth – $18 | 5.Iittala Toikka Minneapolis Bird – $374.99 | 6.Vitra Eames House Bird – $250

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