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I’ve long been a fan of cork in modern furniture, flooring and accessories. Not only is cork a renewable and eco-friendly resource, it is warm, durable and unexpected. After we got in the new Vitra Morrison Cork Stools, I kept an eye out for other new modern cork furniture and accessories.


Vitra Morrison Cork Stool A, Vitra Morrison Cork Stool B, and Vitra Morrison Cork Stool C are new at AlwaysMod.
The Vitra Morrison Cork Stools are thoughtfully proportioned to work as as a side table, nightstand, or seating. Untreated and naturally neutral, the cork stools are also lightweight and highly durable, making them the most versatile furniture piece I can think of.

Adidas Stan Smith Cork Shoes via the Boombox are kicks pulling off a twist on timeless design.

Cork proves practical once again: This Kraftware ice bucket via BHG would be easy to carry around for refills and at a party, since it is lightweight and the cork stays dry.

Pelcor is known for their cork fashion accessories, and I am intrigued by the cork umbrella and the new Beetle Bag.


The Pianissimo Lamp via Hem is even more eco-friendly than other cork lighting, because its substantial outer layer of cork is not a highly processed veneer.

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