Nikki Nack Album Art; Merrill Rocks Marimekko

For the last few weeks, a song has been stuck in my head. Normally this would drive me nuts, but the song is much too fun to blame my mind for playing it on repeat. The catchy tune, coincidentally performed by the tUnE-yArDs, is called “Water Fountain,” and our local Minneapolis station The Current has been giving it its fair share of airtime. I’ll blame them instead. The other day, however, there was no sign of my song on the airwaves, forcing me to turn to YouTube to satisfy my auditory craving. Mid-jamming, I glanced down at my phone, and something about the video’s image seemed strangely familiar.


Marimekko! Vocalist Merrill Garbus is wearing a pink Pisaroi-patterned dress on a number of promo images for the track’s album, Nikki Nack. I knew this chick was cool! If anyone can pull off Maija Louekari’s loud print, it’s this fun and fearless lady. Here are some other shots of Garbus in the dress, each with equally playful poses.

merrill-bubble  merrill-cross-leg

I also learned that the group just had a show here in Minneapolis last Thursday, and I am kicking myself for missing it. Hopefully the tUnE-yArDs will be back to the tWiN-cItIeS soon.

Listen to the sticky song here at your own risk. You were warned!

tUnE-yArDs photographed by Holly Andres

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