On trend, Marimekko’s Spring 2011 Collection Passes with Flying Colors

Designing new prints and products in brilliantly colored hues, Marimekko is continually re-inventing itself to remain fresh while staying true to its rich textile heritage that has made the company an icon. An ideal marriage of print and color, Marimekko’s Spring 2011 Collection is refreshing bouquet of blues, greens and yellows.

Proving that the company’s mod prints and bold colors are seeing a revival, the Pantone company (the world renown authority on color) has divulged it’s Top 10 Colors for Spring and well, Marimekko seems to be doing things right. This year Pantone predicts that colors such as Regatta (royal blue), Blue Curacao (turquoise), Peapod (light green) & Beeswax (yellow-orange) will be among the hottest colors for Spring. Executing their own interpretation of many of these fancy-named colors, Marimekko’s Spring Collection is spot on.

Here are few of my favs which will be available on AlwaysMod.com so grab yours before Spring’s in full swing.

Marimekko's Ramiro Handbag

Marimekko’s Ramiro Handbag


Marimekko's Green Green Cotton Fabric

Marimekko’s Green Green Cotton Fabric


Marimekko Unikko Blue/Lime Bedding

Marimekko Unikko Blue/Lime Bedding

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