RentoTo Rento, sauna is more than just bath or leisure time, but rather a ritual of relaxation learned since childhood. With over two million saunas in Finland, for an average of one per household, it’s obvious Finn’s feel the same way about the practice that dates back centuries.

Rento seeks to furnish the sacred space with products that will be both beautiful and functional for years to come, inspired by nature in color and texture. Their line of aluminum and wood sauna buckets blend both traditional and modern influences, making them a great addition to any style sauna. The company is also taking environmentally-conscious initiatives, introducing a line of soaps and shampoos that are biodegradable. These products are safe to use during a cool dip in the lake following a hot sauna; a common practice for many Finns. With a wide range of products from seat covers to feet scrubbers, Rento aims to personalize and optimize the sauna experience.