Round Up: Marimekko-inspired Nail Art


Whether you’re a nail artist or a manicure enthusiast, great design are fun to interpret on nails. I spotted these six Marimekko-inspired manis around the web. AlwaysMod has fabric, dinnerware and home goods to match or coordinate with all of them.

1. Did My Nails goes with Maija Isola’s Marimekko Unikko Red/Pink tablecloth and bedding.

Marimekko Unikko Bedding

2. Linda165 also goes with red Unikko, but also Maija Isola’s Kalasäkki pattern, which is discontinued, but coordinates well with Harri Koskinen’s Marimekko Frekvenssi pillow and fabric.

2-frekvenssi-pillow3. MISS goes with Marimekko Mini-Unikko fabric and Pieni Unikko fabric in blue.

Marimekko Unikko Fabric

4. Aja via Dipped Nails goes with Maija Louekari’s Marimekko Pisaroi and Marimekko Vellamo. Hints of Vellamo are seen in Louekari’s Marimekko Kuusikossa fabric and napkins.

Marimekko Kuusikossa Napkins

5. Hey Nice Nails goes with Maija Louekari’s Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha dinnerware, fabric, tea towels, and bedding.

Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha Dinnerware

6.ZigiZtyle goes with Maija Louekari’s Marimekko Räsymatto PVC fabric, Annika Rimala’s Marimekko Tasaraita mug, and Maija Isola’s Marimekko Kaivo tablecloth and fabric, and Marimekko Kivet throw pillow, fabric and bath mat.

Marimekko Rasymatto Fabric

I hope you found inspiration for some online shopping and modern manicures!

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