Round-Up: Trays for Your Home’s Command Center


My kitchen island is the command center for my house, but it used to be a chaotic clutter trap. One of my favorite ways to pull together the things I want to be easy to reach—but don’t want scattered about—is to group things on a tray. Now, I use a small Marimekko tray for keys and cell phones, and a larger basket for the barrage of preschool papers, library books and items that need timely attention.

I’ve rounded up five trays that will cure the spreads and piles of your home’s command center.


1. Artek Siena White/Blue Large Tray fits anywhere. With a slight lip and simple backdrop, this tray is great for the walk-in-drop of keys, phones, and mail.

17″ L x 13″ W (43 x 33 cm)

2. Marimekko Kukkuluuruu Multicolor Large Round Tray looks especially nice on a countertop or island. It’s large enough to be a temporary home for art projects brought home from school, or a permanent home for carry-out and delivery menus.

18″ Diameter (46 cm)

3.Tonfisk Reuna Large Walnut Serving Tray is simple and warm, so it looks inviting in a rustic mudroom or on a sleek granite counter top. It’s the perfect stash for snacks to grab on the way out the door.

1-3/4″ H x 15-1/2″ Diameter (4 x 40 cm)

4. Design Ideas Large Caribbean Mondrian Tray has edges and a square shape, so it is just right for papers you don’t want to lose, with room left over for a checkbook, pen and notepad.

12-1/2″ L x 12-1/2″ W x 1-1/2″ H (32 x 32 x 4 cm)

5. Alessi “CrissCross” Black Decorative Storage Basket is sturdy enough to keep on the floor tucked under a bench, or on a tabletop. It’s the perfect corral for scarves, mittens, hats, umbrellas and dog leashes.

20″ W x 20″ L x 3-1/4″ (51 x 51 x 8 cm)

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