Solving the Coated Cotton Conundrum; 25 Uses for Marimekko PVC Fabric


A while back, I picked up some gorgeous Marimekko PVC Fabric not knowing what I’d do with it. Months later, it’s still sitting in my closet, untouched. I currently have no need for a tablecloth, which is the only thing I  hear it being used for commonly. Also known as oilcloth, Marimekko’s PVC fabric is still 100% cotton, but it is coated with a phlathate-free laminate. This makes it waterproof and easily wiped clean (awesome), and also prevents it from fraying when cut, so no hem required (even more awesome)! In the past, we have covered a box, an old mousepad and a planter with PVC, but there has to be more potential for this pretty and practical fabric. I scoured the internet for ideas and asked all my crafty companions for their two cents in order to compile this list of possibilities. Hopefully I’ll be making one of these a reality with my poor forgotten PVC fabric soon!

1. Bib

2. Placemats

3. Outdoor pillows

4. Coasters

5. Lunch sack

6. Shower curtain

7. High chair seat cover

8. Kitchen apron

9. Garden tool belt

10. Shelf liner

11. Picnic table cover

12. Collapsible pet bowl

13. Pet raincoat

14. Book cover

15. Kitchen containers

16. Cosmetic bag

17. Kid’s bench cover

18. Art smock

19. Beach tote

20. Foldable chair cushion

21. iPad cover

22. Beverage koozies

23. Poncho

24. Diaper changing mat

25. Pen pouch

Have you done any projects with PVC in the past? We’d love to hear about them below!

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