Real Lifestyles: Vitra

I love a virtual home tour, especially when a home is layered with timeless modern touches. At AlwaysMod, my teammates and I have become pretty good at spotting thousands of items we carry in beautiful homes around the web (and in real life). Stylized images of products are called lifestyles, and although they are pretty, I think it’s even better to see real homes styled with an object. We’d love to take a peek inside your home, so send us an image of your AlwaysMod favorites or post them on our facebook or Twitter!

Today, I thought I’d focus on one brand with a variety of furniture and accessories that gets spotted a lot: Vitra lifestyles. Take a look at these images of items by the only authorized manufacturer of several midcentury designs, Vitra.

Vitra Panton Chairs [Jennifer Lopez apartment via archystyle]

Vitra Eames Bird [Wit + Delight via Everygirl]

Vitra Pale Rose Rotary Tray [Nalle’s House]

Vitra Multicolor Ball Clock [office of atomicindy]

Vitra Eames Elephant [Little Crown Interiors via Project Nursery]

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