Stay Organized with Marimekko


There’s never a dull moment when Marimekko is around. Its bold and colorful patterns are like the young and spunky 20-somethings who are living life to the fullest. At some point or another, we all have to grow up… a little bit. That doesn’t mean we have to purge all the fun, it just becomes a little more discreet. Marimekko’s Tapani Travel Case is a prime example of this. The discerning genuine leather exterior showcases sensibility and taste, two very ‘grown-up’ attributes. Unzip the case and find a slightly different story.

tapani-openA pleasant surprise awaits on the inside. Find playful black and white stripes and uncommon complementary colors. In the black case it’s purple and in the red, you’ll find gray. There are numerous slots and pockets for keeping everything from your credit cards to spare change organized. It’s not as vivacious as the Marimekko patterns we’re all used to, but it’s still fun and exciting. Get your own Marimekko Tapani Travel Case at AlwaysMod.

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