Summer Barware Essentials

Summer’s late sunsets bring out the kick-back vibe in us, and beers and barbeques are finally in high season. Whether you’re entertaining a big event or having an impromptu deck party, serve ice cold refreshments in practical, pretty and modern barware essentials.


Summer barware essentials must include outdoor-friendly ice buckets full of fizzy refreshments. A chilled champagne or even rosé is ready to flow in a modern ice bucket. Or, fill the Tina Frey Large Champagne Bucket with a variety of beers. The Tina Frey buckets are hand sculpted from resin, so they are particularly practical for toting outdoors with a laid-back but still sophisticated vibe.


Water and other non-alcoholic refreshements should also be available for thirst-quenching. The Magisso Cooling Ceramics Large Carafe keeps cold drinks cold, so you don’t have to worry about keeping mounds of ice handy.


But what are the best barware essentials for drinking from? If you’re having a beer tasting party, stock up on the Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit glasses. Designed in collaboration with brew experts, each glass enhances the qualities of a particular profile of beer.


The Magisso Cooling Ceramics tumblers are a great option for anything from iced tea to beeritas, and guests can mark their name with chalk.

With these summer barware essentials, you’re all set for a refreshing long evening with friends.

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