The Mod-ern Marimekko Man – Introducing the DIY Bowtie

Proving that a bow tie can match your every mood, a big thanks to Max here at AlwaysMod who volunteered to be my dashing bow-tie model

Creating a bevy of how-to projects for the ladies, this week I thought it might be nice to dedicate something to the fellas. While paging through the Marimekko Surrur Book I came across the Dickie Bow Tie. Designed by Marimekko alum Sami Ruotsalainen, a bow tie represents dapper style yet it has a playful spirit. The trendiest thing to happen to a neckline since the popped collar, rocking a custom Marimekko bow tie will attract adoring attention. (the above bow-tie’s feature Bottna, Unikko lime/pink, Jurmo and Unikko Indigo Marimekko fabric)

Quick and easy, in a mere 6 steps I’ll show you how to create the perfect bow-tie.

What you’ll need:

How it’s Done:

Step 1: Trace

Trace the Dickie Bow Tie Pattern from Marimekko’s Surrur Book using a piece of tissue paper. Once traced, cut-out the tie while leaving ½” extra around the entire perimeter to allow for seam allowance.

(pattern measures approx. 16-1/2″ L x 2-1/4″ W, feel free to hand-draw the pattern from the below picture)

Step 2: Pin

Pin the newly cut pattern onto your fabric. The fabric should be folded in half with the skinny end of the pattern aligned with the folded edge. (the fold is on the right side of the below image)

Step 3: Cut

Cut the pattern out, you’ll need to cut 2.

Step 4: Sew

Pin the right sides together. Before you start sewing, note that the center of one side will be left open. This will allow you to flip the tie right-side out. Therefore you’ll need to start sewing at the base of the tie’s curve, around the entire tie edge and end at the base of the tie’s curve on the opposite end. I realize this is a bit confusing so refer to the below picture and you’ll get the idea of which part to sew.


Step 5: Flip

Before you flip the tie, trim the seams and clip the edges. This helps to reduce bulkiness and give the tie a polished look. Once trimmed, flip the tie right-side out. You may need help to flip the far corners…I used a kebab skewer.


Step 5: Press

After flipping, create a seam on the open side by pressing-in the edges ½”. To do this, work on the right-side of the fabric and simply press the edges of both sides under.

Step 6: Final Sew

Last step, we’re almost done. We just have to sew the open edge closed. Working on the right-side up, stitch the opening closed and try to sew as close to the edge as possible. Now that everything’s sewn, simply give the tie one final press. I recommend using a bit of spray starch when ironing to give the tie a crisp look.

Voila, you’re done.

I know what you’re that you’ve made it, how do you tie it? I’ve got you covered, here’s a link to view the step-by-step instruction.

Although I dedicated this bow-tie project to the men, it doesn’t mean that the ladies can’t get in on this darling trend. After making several bow-ties for this project, I’ve become a huge fan and have started wearing them weekly to add a dash of dapper to my attire.

As always, feel free to make edits and changes to this DIY project to suit your needs. I’d love to see how your bow tie’s turn out so send a pic to the AlwaysMod blog.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Hey! I noticed that you didn’t trace and cut your pattern on the bias, did you add additional length to the pattern’s neck, to make up for the lack of give?
    Caitlin //

    • Hi Caitlin-

      Good question. No, I didn’t but you’re right. Cutting on the bias is the best way to give the bow tie give. If you would like extra give, I would definitely suggest cutting on the bias.

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