Think Outside of the Box

A few weeks ago, I revamped my old mousepad with the Marimekko Kumina Blue PVC Fabric. We still had some leftover scraps of it, and decided to make use of them. PVC fabric is not only good for tablecloths and mousepads. You can cover just about anything with it for an easy-to-clean and weather-resistant piece that is unique and special to you. If this project looks simple, its because it is; take it as more of an inspiration to spark some creative ideas around your home rather than a strict step-by-step tutorial.

First, we took an old existing box we had lying around, and laid it on top of our leftover fabric. We had just enough to completely cover the box, but if you have a bigger piece to use, cut it so that you have a little wiggle room.

Next, we pulled up the fabric and wrapped it around the box as tight as possible, almost like wrapping a present.


Here you can see that we had just enough to make the ends meet. If you are short on fabric, you can cut two separate side panels to cover the sides. Ideally, you would want to use the same size fabric, flip the box onto the bare side, and wrap the opposite way for the best coverage and flawless finish.


Next, we simply used a staple gun to secure the fabric into place. Notice how we tucked the fabric for a cleaner seam.

Here is our finished product. This can be used as a decorative stand to display knick knacks, or two could be stacked, with one turned slightly for a funky end table. I also think this would be cool if it had a lid or drawer that opened to keep shoes or other odds and ends in.

Thinking outside of the box is all about repurposing; taking something you have lying around in the attic or basement that you normally wouldn’t give a second glace, and bringing it to life with a new look and use. 

What items around your house do you have that could be covered with PVC fabric and updated? Let us know your ideas below!

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