Transformation Tuesday: Modern Makeover with Marimekko Pillows

A change in paint color and a few accessories can completely transform a room! Tanya’s Lake house looked a little bland when she first moved in. The lake house was painted white when she first moved in which suited perfectly with Tanya’s style. Take a look at the space before Tanya first moved in:

Before_Living Room Fireplace

The living room looked really outdated, but Tanya added a splash of charcoal grey to the fireplace and it instantly transformed the room to a more open and modernized appearance.

Living Room Started

At first, Tanya added the Marimekko Kirsikka pattern pillows to her coach and paired it with big chrome lights which instantly added more life to the room.

Living Room New Pillows

But Tanya wanted something more, so switched some furniture around her house. She replaced her black chair with a mint colored chair and swaped out her chrome lights with her mother’s blue Lotte lamps. Tanya created an inviting and open concept to her living space when she added these new accessories into the space. The new furniture also brought fresh new colors in hues of blue into the space which gave Tanya an idea to introduce new textiles. Tanya pursued the Marimekko’s Lumimarja pillows, which was a perfect way to introduce new textiles because they were fresh and matched the color scheme of the room.

living room refresh

She selected two gorgeous colorways, one in white/green and the other in grey/blue that paired really well with her couch.


By adding a few of the Marimekko pillows, Tanya’s living room suddenly felt lighter and airier. It’s amazing how a small accessory like the Marimekko pillows can instantly change the feel of a room. Definitely, check out our Marimekko Pillow collection at AlwaysMod for ways to change your home décor as well. We are sure they will instantly change the look and feel of your space like it did to Tanya’s.

Thank you, Tanya! See more photos on Tanya’s Blog.

Photos by Tanya.

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