Trendy vs. Timeless

At AlwaysMod, we pride ourselves on curating timeless, modern pieces. Trends are fun to experiment with, but do best in a foundation of timeless design. I’ve come up with 5 questions to ask when you’re considering whether an item is trendy or timeless.

Stelton Emma Vacuum Jug
1. Is it practical and beautiful? Trendy pieces may fit this description, but they often are either made hastily or in a tag-along pattern. A piece that functions well, is made well, and is esthetically present wins the crown for timeless design. An object kept purely for beauty or solely for a utilitarian purpose is worth having, but one that achieves both becomes an heirloom.

Vitra Panton Chair
2. Does it mix well with other pieces and styles? Trendy pieces can be fun accents in an otherwise timeless room. But when basics like furniture are overwhelmingly trendy, they stand out from, rather than support, the overall feeling of a space. A timeless piece doesn’t need to be styled with its contemporaries or in a strict palette. When you collect timeless pieces that fit your priorities and personality, it’s almost magical how they play nicely together.

iittala Teema dinnerware
3. Can it be dressed up and down? Sure, some timeless pieces will only be used when the queen comes to tea, but I would argue that the pieces we use every day are even more valuable. For example, a dinnerware set that looks equally lovely for an impromptu al fresco family dinner as it does accessorized in a splendid holiday party will stand the test of time with both sentiment and style. On the other hand, high-end trendy pieces are embarassing after a few years, while casual trendy pieces look tacky in a formal setting.

Nelson Ball Clock
4. Does it have a story? Some home goods come with an origin story, or are infused with the inspiration of their designer’s experiences. This often means skilled craftsmanship is used to solve a problem or stand as a cultural symbol. With or without an origin story, a well-made and well-loved home good may take on meaning in the owner’s memory. If the back story resonates with you, or if it is part of one of your stories, the chances are high that it is timeless.

Marimekko Throw Pillows [image]
5. Do you love it? When it comes down to it, follow your instincts. Some things flow in and out of style on trends, but if it appeals to you immediately, and you come back to it time and time again, then it is timeless to you. Your appreciation of it keeps it relevant.

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