Unikko on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Unikko was designed by Maija Isola in 1964, despite Marimekko founder Armi Ratia’s ban on floral Marimekko patterns. Ratia insisted that real flowers have a natural beauty most motifs cannot capture or attempt to recreate. But when Isola showed her a range of modern, clean-lined flower designs, Ratia realized the poppy’s potenial. To this day, Unikko is arguably the most famous Marimekko pattern or arguably any designer pattern in the world. It’s printed on fabrics, bags, dinnerware, clothing, and much more; even planes, trains, and automobiles!

Unikko on a Plane

Marimekko patterns have been an integral part of the Finnair travel experience is 2012. While smaller things like Marimekko napkins served with snacks and drinks create a Finnish feel, this large scale pattern on the exterior of an A340 Airbus is a true Marimekko makeover.

Marimekko on a Train

Hong Kong decked out one of it’s trams in Unikko to celebrate the Marimekko print.

Image from flickr.com/photos/mujitr

This Nissan March is popping with poppies. The car is covered in Unikko, Maija Isola’s most famous Marimekko pattern.

This double-decker bus is covered in the beautiful blossoms of Maija Isola’s Marimekko pattern called Unikko (Poppy).

And, perhaps the most crazy place Unikko has landed on is flying in the video below: a hot air balloon!