Unikko Pattern

Unikko PatternThe Unikko pattern is Marimekko’s most iconic design. The splashy print came about after Armi Ratia announced that Marimekko did not manufacture floral prints. Maija Isola, always the trailblazer and rabble-rouser, designed Unikko as a protest against Ratia’s statement. The result was the bold, powerful and unapologetic flowers of Unikko. The print came out in 1964, disproving Ratia’s statement and ushering in a new era for Marimekko.

Unikko is easily the most recognizable symbol of Marimekko and its popularity has not dwindled over the years. New color waves are created every year, continuing the legacy of Isola’s brilliant design. Her daughter, Kristina Isola, has even created a miniature version of the design.

Source: Marimekko.com

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