What to Wear to a Winter Wedding


It may not be the traditional wedding season, but I’ve attended plenty of wintry nuptials and they’ve been some of the best. Beautiful, snowy scenery for pictures, an icy, “Winter Wonderland” theme, possibly a romantic carriage ride… what’s not to love?

This can put the guests in a predicament about what is appropriate to wear, however– especially the ladies. The summery, floral sundress that we all keep on reserve for casual outdoor weddings won’t work here. Lost? Here’s a few tips:

Love your layers: If you have a sheath-style dress that you love, pair it with a dressy cardigan or blazer. If the hem of the dress hits at the knee or above, opt for tights. If the dress is a solid color, there are some great printed and textured tights out there this season that will add interest to your outfit.

If the shoe fits: Leave the strappy sandals for next season, but don’t even think about wearing your Ugg boots, either. If the dress is heavy enough, you can try some suede, heeled booties. Lighter, flowier dresses are better paired with traditional, closed-toe pumps. It’s okay (and smart) to bring a pair of flats for dancing. Guests will forgive your wardrobe change and your feet will thank you.

Pass with flying colors: Traditional “rules” are out, and black is perfectly fine for a winter wedding. To avoid looking like you’re going to an event of mourning, make sure to add at least one pop of color in your accessories. Gold and jewel tones are especially lovely in winter. To be safe, still try to steer clear of solid white, ivory and cream tones.

Get glamorous: Winter weddings tend to be more glamorous, so take advantage of some accessories you don’t usually get to wear. If it’s appropriate, try a fancy hat. Fur is also a fun accent to winter, but leave the floor-length mink coat at home and try a fur muff. Sparkly jewelry and sequin accents will be on cue with the icy feel of the season. Lace and velvet are also luxurious materials you can indulge in here.

Don’t limit yourself: You don’t have to wear a dress to a wedding. A nice embellished pencil skirt and a silky dress top are just as formal and you’re more likely to wear these pieces again afterwards. This also gives you an opportunity to mix and match textures which is part of the “mixed media” trend this season.

Last but not least…It’s all in the bag: Lugging your huge hobo bag to a wedding is not an option you’ll want to consider, and a summery wristlet will stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the look you’re going for. Erja Hirvi’s “Snowberry” pattern is the perfect fresh floral for winter, and is just begging to go to a fancy event this season. In different sizes, shapes and colors, there’s bound to be one to fit both your style and all the essentials you need to bring with you to an event.


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  1. It can be difficult to decide what to wear for a winter wedding and I found this article very useful.

  2. It’s definitely all about the layers! A colour pop is always a great to bring out in an accessory for a winter wedding.

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