What is Vitreous Porcelain?


iittala Sarjaton Dinnerware

Vitreous Porcelain is a modern and durable type of porcelain. Because of the particularly high-heat processing in the kiln, vitreous porcelain is less brittle than classic porcelain, and has a smooth, sleek texture.


iittala Origo Dinnerware

Vitreous Porcelain is used for all dinnerware produced by both Marimekko and iittala, for its strength and look, but also because it is dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe.


Marimekko Rasymatto Dinnerware

Vitreous porcelain, sometimes shortened to Vitro porcelain, was developed in the U.S. but is used world-wide by brands who value quality and beauty that lasts. That’s why we at AlwaysMod love it!

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