World’s Best Father Reps Marimekko

It’s true that Dave Engledow may not win any awards for “World’s Best Father,” but his photo series of that same moniker just might.

Especially if he keeps his daughter, Alice Bee, rocking with Marimekko style. Started as a project to document his daughter as she grew up, this project has gained popularity across the web, and the World’s Best Father is now working on getting a calendar together with this Kickstarter. Check out the photo below for an example of his work (and see if you can spot a familiar pattern):

World’s Best Father


If you’re looking to win the title of ‘Best Dad’ for yourself, just go right ahead and start by outfitting your kids in some cute Marimekko bibs, all available at AlwaysMod.

 [Photo via Engledow Art Photography]


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